Platelet Rich


How it Works
PRP treatment uses the natural growth factors found in the platelets of your own blood plasma. During the procedure you will have a topical anaesthetic applied to the treatment area for 30-40 minutes. Your blood is collected (similar to a blood test) and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The platelet-rich-plasma is then administered to your skin using small superficial injections or by micro-needling.

Treatment recommendations for optimal results:
Skin: An initial 3 treatment series, 4 weeks apart followed by 6-12 monthly sessions for maintenance.
Hair: An initial 3-6 treatment series, 6 weeks apart followed by 6-12 monthly sessions for maintenance.



Reduces dark circles under the eyes
Reduces fine-lines & wrinkles
Promotes collagen & elastin production
Increases skin firmness & luminosity
Improves scarring from acne, surgeries, and caesarean sections

FOR HAIR (scalp, eyebrows & beards)
Stimulates dormant hair follicles
Improves hair growth and thickness
The treatment trialled before considering hair transplant surgery
PRP is still recommended after Follicular Unit Transplantation by a Specialist; PRP is a life-long treatment


These will be discussed in more detail with Dr Meera at your initial consultation. Downtime is expected with this procedure, usually 1-2 days – facial /scalp redness, minor swelling and mild peeling can occur. Healing is peeling!



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