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How it Works
Infrared saunas are a dry sauna unlike traditional steam-based saunas. The heat generated from infrared saunas stems from infrared light which safely penetrates the skin gently targeting muscles, fat tissues, lymphatics, and blood vessels. Infrared light provides the benefits of the warmth of the sun without the harshness of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.


The Clearlight sauna comes with an added Red Light Tower, giving you the added benefits of skin healing, rejuvenation and anti-ageing.


• Detoxification
• Weight Loss
• Increasing metabolic rate
• Improving Skin Conditions & Wound Healing
• Appearance of Cellulite
• Reduce Stress & Fatigue
• Lowering Blood Pressure
• Improving Sleep Quality
• Muscle relaxation
• Improving Muscle Aches & Joint Pain


Infrared therapy is safe for most people to use, however if you have the below conditions please speak with your regular GP or Dr Meera before beginning treatment.

• Pregnancy
• Heart conditions
• Metal implants

Are Clearlight Infrared saunas low EMF & ELF?


As claimed by the Clearlight Sauna company – which can be viewed on their website.

“All Clearlight® Sauna models offer the lowest and safest EMF and ELF levels of any infrared sauna on the market, bar none. The EMF levels in your Clearlight® Premier Saunas and Clearlight® Sanctuary Saunas will be mostly below 1mg when tested directly on the heater itself. Where you are sitting in the sauna, the EMF levels are virtually 0mg. The ELF levels in your Clearlight® Sauna are 3 – 5 times below the threshold of concern. All of our competitors are over 20 times above the threshold of concern.”




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