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IV nutrition &

Vitamin Injections

Normally, we should be able to get most of our nutrients from the foods we consume each day, provided you have healthy and balanced eating habits. However, sometimes when life gets busy, stressful or if you have a medical condition preventing your gut from absorbing enough nutrients then vitamin supplementation through an intravenous (IV) infusion can be of benefit.  

How it Works

Your treatment will include an initial consultation with Dr Meera who will tailor your treatment to your body’s needs. Every consultation will include an explanation of the risks and benefits of each treatment and you may be sent for a blood test prior to treatment.

IV drips available:
Hydration | Energy drip | Immunity drip | Antioxidant



• Feel more energised
• Less fatigued
• Boost immunity
• Reduce inflammation
• Improve hydration


These will be discussed in more detail with Dr Meera at your initial consultation.



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