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Why am I losing hair?

The two most common causes of hair loss:

Telogen effluvium (self-limiting)
Tends to present 2-4 months after a stressful event such as post-partum pregnancy, trauma, emotional stress & surgery. Usually this condition is self-limiting and most patients will return to normal hair density within 9 -14 months.
Treatments are rarely required.

Androgenetic alopecia (progressive)
Commonly known as male/female pattern baldness is a type of genetic balding. Requires urgent management to slow down follicular miniaturization whereby the hair growth phase becomes progressively shorter. Early-stages of androgenetic alopecia respond much better to treatment compared to later stages.

What treatments are available?

An initial consult will investigate the possible cause for your hair loss. You may need to be referred for a blood test to see if there are any deficiencies or thyroid hormone changes.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) has good clinical outcomes for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. PRP treatment uses the natural growth factors found in your own platelets. These platelets will be collected from your blood plasma – the gold coloured liquid your red blood cells are floating in. PRP is delivered to the hair follicles using small injections.

For optimal results 3-6 treatments should be spaced 6 weeks apart initially, followed by 6-12 monthly treatments for maintenance.
PRP for androgenetic alopecia is a life-long treatment which continues even if patients decide to see a specialist for Follicular Unit Transplantation/Extraction (hair transplant surgery) as PRP helps maintain a healthy scalp ensuring successful graft uptake of hair follicles.
PRP is best used in combination with medical treatments and vitamin supplementation. Dr Meera will discuss the risks and benefits of these during your initial consultation.


• PRP stimulates dormant hair follicles

• Improves hair growth
• Stimulates your scalp with your own growth hormones
• The treatment tried before consideration for hair follicle transplantation
• PRP is still recommended after Follicular Unit Transplantation by a Specialist; it is a life-long treatment.



Although rare, these will be discussed with you prior to treatment during your initial consultation with Dr Meera



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